Natural scrolling in X without Desktop Environment

At the moment most laptops still have trackpads, and I’m too lazy to carry a mouse around so I’m stuck to using them despite them being rather inaccurate and hard to use. Few big manufacturers in their wisdom have decided that two-finger scrolling and invert scroll are good defaults, so in order to avoid switching scrolling style on every computer that’s what I set up on my own laptops now. Using Gnome or similar this is often as easy as going to settings through GUI, but with LXDE or without anything you need to use synclient:

$ synclient 
Parameter settings:
    LeftEdge                = 163
    RightEdge               = 3908
    TopEdge                 = 134
    BottomEdge              = 2339
    VertScrollDelta         = 95
    VertTwoFingerScroll     = 1

to find some settings that might be relevvant. To fix them, use just:

$ synclient VertScrollDelta=-95

and it should work immediately. To make it stick you probably have to get it into Xorg.conf, yeah, that file doesn’t exist anymore, but you can create it and somehow come up with correct structure…

If any of the above doesn’t work it may be that the touchpad doesn’t get recognised as synaptics at all. See xinput, and Xorg.log. update synaptics driver, kernel etc. It usually has helped, though some trackpads are just too rubbish for that.