Logging in to a captive portal of javascript without a browser

It so happens that I’m at Dublin airport at the moment without a working internet browser and need to use internet. So how does one login to a captive portal then. I would’ve had lynx and links for most occasions, however, the login button on the front page is javascripted, so no go. What to do then, is, of course I can emulate the javascript here since it was easy. See:

$ wget http://www.example.com
302 Found
Location: https://login.wlan.eircom.net/sd/init?scheme=http&host=www.example.com&path=%2f [following]
--2015-05-06 08:33:07--  https://login.wlan.eircom.net/sd/init?scheme=http&host=www.hs.fi&path=%2f

etc. Now we have the login page source code to see what goes, on, specifically, this:

		<form id="tscstemp" action="/sd/login" method="post">
			<input type="hidden" name="username" value="guest@scstemp"/>
			<input type="hidden" name="password" value="trialpass"/>				
		<a onclick="$('#tscstemp').submit()" class="btn test">
				<img src="img/phone/continue.png"/>

At this point, it’s easy to formulate what to do, I just used wget to formulate the necessary GET call like so:

$ wget 'https://login.wlan.eircom.net/sd/login?username=guest@scstemp&password=trialpass'

presto. Did not need further doings, mission accomplished.