News part of the site 2000 - 2004

These were written in rather old times, they weren’t blog posts back then since there weren’t blogs at the time. It’s rather embarrassing stuff but good to remember where it all started. All those things were interesting and cool back in the days.

Transforming site in to XHTML 3 starts Thu Apr 01 00:00:00 EEST 2004 @000 /Internet Time/

Just as I got my site done in some standardish way I decided to update it to conform better with demands of future technologies. As of today, whole site will be converted in to plain xhtml 3 and nothing else. If some broken browserlike operating system component doesn’t understand XHTML 3 then it is not my problem and you should update your browser anyways.

Article on Pretty Printers added Wed Mar 31 16:05:02 EEST 2004 @586 /Internet Time/

After battling long and hard to get one petty scientific article to accepted on a course where the article will not even be published, I am able to present it in here as well. It’s currently in Finnish only, but if anyone’s interested in Pretty Printers then I might translate it, though it won’t be worth it.

Feedback form added Tue Mar 09 21:37:25 EET 2004 @859 /Internet Time/

It seems that there are now some small but constant number of actual visitors on my site, so I added a basic feedback form to encourage people to tell their opinions. I sincerely thank every soul appreciating my work by giving any kind of feedback!

Gnome’s Finnish translator status acquired Mon Feb 16 00:23:24 EET 2004 @974 /Internet Time/

I hung around in #gnome-fi and ranted about my pan translation so I got the honored rank of Gnome Translator including a Honored email address! The translation projects with diary-like descriptions of intriguing translation process are soon to appear in midst of language section of my site, be ready.

Static style cludge in progress Mon Feb 16 00:31:44 EET 2004 @980 /Internet Time/

I’ve found it rather annoying that none of the current graphical browsers remember the selected style sheets for the sites so I’ve developed some little server-side script for selecting style sheet preference, you can now append any page with string ?style=smth where smth is name of style sheet and it’ll be applied as default stylesheet and remembered in a cookie if allowed.

Rewriting finished Sun Feb 01 12:35:48 EET 2004 @483 /Internet Time/

Rewriting and testing phase of new structures of this site has finally ended. No serious problems can be seen in any of current browsers nor validators. The realized site is based upon sexy technologies called XHTML 1.1, XML 1.0, CSS 2.1, PNG and RSS 1.0! Anyways, now I’m back writing content again :\

Site rewriting in progress Mon Jan 19 05:57:28 EET 2004 @206 /Internet Time/

I am currently rewriting the site in order to gain a bit more accessible and bit more logical design. And to ease the upkeep of course. I recently understood how similar my rants and articles were to a typical blog so I decided to move old index page to a separate page titled About, and replace it with this news page, which also exists in rss format (‘cos everyone else does it too ;).