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Flammie’s How-to contact me

This page is part of my rant essay collection but first a short practical summary for anyone looking for informations:

Contact Address (link)
E-Mail flammie@iki.fi
(work) flammie.pirinen@uit.no
(google) ffflammie@gmail.com (Google apps only¹)
IRC Flammie on libera.chat
  Flammie on OFTC
github Flammie on github
Zulip GiellaLT Zulip (work)
matrix @Flammie:matrix.org
Twitter ffFlammie
Linkedin tommi-pirinen
Google ffflammie@gmail.com
Facebook ffflammie
Vkontakte ffflammie
Telephone none
Telegram search
Skype search
Zoom search
WhatsApp ???
Mastodon Mastodon
bluesky @flammie.name
Mail (work) UiT Arctic University of Tromsø
  PO Box 6050

¹ if you need to send an invite to a google-hosted app: Google calendar, Google forms, Google Plus, Google Duo, Google Docs, Google Happy Beer Hour or such, use this email address, email sent to this address goes to spam folder.

Traditionally I would’ve told everyone to use email for 99 % of things or IRC for real time discussions and it was good enough.

This was a good standard but has been breaking down as of late. Ironically, in times of where we are most reachable, most online, I have much less capability or possibility to actually respond than I used to. Things have become less reliable, more full of spam, and fair and square less usable than before.

To explain a bit more I wrote this page. The main point I have is that I am theoretically reachable online most of the time, but need to protect myself from distractions when working in flow state for example. I have compiled a list of features that communication channels have that are relevant:


Email used to be the obvious ideal choice, but recently we have been forced to use sub-optimal email systems: both microsoft and google are locking us to their products with multifactor authentication that doesn’t play with other email clients. The spam filtering is done by them, badly. This means I miss a lot of mails, and cannot reply properly since I only have access to web page with no quote feature and forced top posting. Email does not interrupt me in flow state, I can setup notifications and pull interval. Email leaves perfect record of the conversation and if people inline post all, it’s easy to follow, but that’s a lost battle now I suppose.

Note about messengers and social media and notifications

I do not have my mobile phone on me at all times and I have disabled all notifications. I read my messages when I get to them, I will not be interrupted by a telephone. It may take several days for me to notice a message in Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messgenger.