This file lists noteworthy changes between releases, for full list of changes, see git log and then ChangeLog.old.

Significant changes in 20150904

  • allomorphy can be tagged again to distinguish e.g. -iden and -itten when generating
  • FinnTreeBank-1 format provided by Miikka Silfverberg is available but not built by default since it lacks a test set
  • lexicalised inflections can have separate tag, e.g. kännissä can be lexical inessive distinguished from regular inessive
  • preliminary VISL CG-3 support, with original grammar by Fred Karlsson; convenience bash scripts available for disambiguated parsing
  • preliminary support for conllu and conllx analysis formats
  • paradigm categorisation is now verified by regular expressions
  • lots of paradigm fixes and some added words

Significant changes in 20150326

  • speed is up to >20,000 tokens per second from ~500
  • coverages are up to: europarl (99 %) gutenberg (97 %), JRC Acquis (94 %) and fiwiki (93 %)
  • moses factored model format supported
  • segmentation supported
  • Java API
  • Python hacks packaged to API and module
  • Rest of hand-written Xerox legacy data removed; all is script-generated
  • github migration since google code is EOL’d
  • file naming for automata changed to include omorfi prefix for all file names in case they are distributed separately.

Significant changes in 20141014

  • The regressions are also set on coverage over popular corpora: Europarl (98 %), FTB 3.1 (97 %), gutenberg (96 %), JRC Acquis (93 %) and fiwiki (90 %)
  • sti derivation tentatively added
  • number of new paradigms and paradigm moves, esp. in old and archaic styles
  • some new words manually added
  • apertium formats updated totally
  • interjection chaining
  • rest of hand-written lexc removed: everything in db and python code now
  • more strict building and testing altogether (no more dangling references or missing tags allowed)
  • morphological segmentation should be usable now
  • lots of other classifications and attributes added

Significant changes in 20130829

  • Default tag format is now FTB3.1. Recall is 90 % and the format is stable and easy to read by humans, which is now the main target for computational morphologies.
  • The omor tagsets are now permanently unstable and subject to change any day. To use them, python scripts have been provided.
  • Lots of proper nouns and semantics from Uni Hel projects
  • speller build support for new voikko versions
  • New regression tests for stuffs
  • Most of legacy lexc sources removed; they are now generated from TSV “databases”.
  • The morphological classes now follow 3 main classes with some subclasses that are less morphological
  • Twol rules and flag diacritics have been eliminated
  • Lots of support scripts to verify and extend classifications
  • Lots of new word-forms, inflections and changes to derivations
  • Some python support scripts for omor formats

Significant changes in 20121226

  • Added as lexical source (much thanks to students of my unix tools course for scripting)
  • Added first batch of new proper nouns from a project in Univ. Helsinki
  • Lexc data is now rebuild from lexical sources as standard processing;
    • requiring python3
  • Minor bug fixes to man pages, special boundaries (e.g. in arkki_tehti)

Significant changes in 20120401

  • Fixed some twol rules w.r.t. new features that blocked compiling
  • Autogenerate lexicons from csv data all the time
  • Moved to git and googlecode -> chopped most of the documentation and such
  • Fixed scripts a bit, added man pages
  • Made very crude tests to have at least something back in.

Significant changes in 20110505

  • whole new finntreebank tagset for forthcoming finntreebank work
  • uppercasing is noted in the analysis level
  • the word boundaries of lexicalised compounds may be available for more cases (depending on the tagset)
  • whole new lemmatizer tagset is available
  • some dozens of new words added and fixed
  • combine corpus analysis script with apertium’s preprocessors
  • causative derivation chain added
  • bbreviations, adpositions, prefixes and suffixes are no longer pos but subcat analyses

Significant changes since 20100401

  • Include deverbal nouns in compounding system

  • Start marking compound and strong morpheme boundaries

  • New lexical data handling systems

  • Implement generator from analyser

  • Subcategorize lots of classes for CG and apertium

  • Write documentation in booklet format

  • New URI and digit string guessers

  • New tagging style colorterm for interactive use

  • Include weighting scheme in default build

  • Demote SUFFIX from POS reading to SUBCAT

Significant changes since 20100111

  • Added marginal enclitics kA, kAs

  • Added LEMMA= structure

  • re-organized source code to modules

  • Added tagging schemes, weighting schemes and suggestion algorithms

Significant changes since 0.5

  • completely new morphology built on traditional lexc-twolc model

  • easier route to add new lexical data via simple CSV format

  • lots of new lexical data from Joukahainen project as well as extended from kotus-sanalista semi-automatically and by hand.

  • titlecasing filter for regular words

  • š filter for old orthography variants

  • compounding much less haphazard concoction

  • parts of speech classified and included

  • pronouns, interjections, numerals, proper nouns

  • much closer to real full fledged morphology

  • movement from SFST to HFST toolset with lots of new cool toys (SFST support is retained in HFST)

  • towards full-scale automatic test suite