While omorfi does not directly produce any finite-state automata etc. software, it is possible that changes in lexicon and serialisation affect the running time of the automata. This page contains automated tests per release for omorfi to give you an idea of how fast the components might be.

Automated tests

These are in ascending order of time, since I just >> them to the end of this file. For sheet view, see omorfi progress sheet in google docs

2014-10-04 (manually)

ftb3.1 times

  • 1M tokens in 2043.2 equals 489.429 tokens per second

2015-03-26 times


  • 1M tokens in 42.8417 equals 23341.8 tokens per second

2015-09-04 times


  • 1M tokens in 90.097 equals 11099.1 tokens per second

2016-05-19 times


  • 1M tokens in 7.4204 equals 134764 tokens per second