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Flammie on things and stuff

I use this github page section to collect all kinds of opinion pieces, essays, just any kind of writings that do not fit into social media or other places I post stuff into (e.g. reviews). Perhaps if it was 1990s or first decade of 2000s this would be a blog site. These may be work-in-progress, this whole site is 50-50 for me to dump my brains onto vs. actually providing answers and information to people on interesting things. I have found that unless I write down some of these thoughts that I have in my mind they will keep bothering my concentration (unless I debate about the topic with my colleagues or friends). In 2020s I also post these or summaries thereof onto my substack.

This seems very unorganised lol.

Linguistics, NLP and just language stuffs

See also: Flammie’s academic works

Programming and computer stuffs

See also: Flammie’s dotfiles, flammie’s github

Other stuff

More of everyday things, often inspired by debates in reddit or quora outside science topics.