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This is a personal github pages site for Flammie on github.

Projects and open source work stuff things

For the following github projects I also have gh-pages branches:

The Apertium-based projects are now under apertium github pages:

Blogs, opinions and writeups

There is also a section for essays, rants and such writeups, where I write things that are not quite well-formulated enough for academic short papers even but longer than tweets, you could call them blog posts but they kind of lack the temporal concept of blog postings somehow…


Contact information / social media

Contact Address (link)
E-Mail flammie@iki.fi (not work)
  tommi.pirinen@iki.fi (work, but permanent)
  tommi.pirinen@uit.no (work)
  ffflammie@gmail.com (Google stuff)
IRC Flammie on libera.chat
  Flammie on OFTC
matrix @Flammie:matrix.org
Twitter ffFlammie
Linkedin tommi-pirinen
Google ffflammie@gmail.com
Facebook ffflammie
Vkontakte ffflammie
Telephone none
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WhatsApp Never used
Mastodon Mastodon
Mail ask for street address


If you need to schedule things with me, check my google calendar.