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This is a personal github pages site for Flammie on github.

For the following github projects I also have gh-pages branches:

Maybe also check flammie.dyndns.org archives, some of the pages I written in the early years of the internet, some found from the internet archive some actually just saved over the years.


Contact information

When contacting, I do prefer methods that are earlier in below table, e.g. E-mail rather than telephone. Some of the protocols are maybe not used anymore, instant messengers and Google+ perhaps are rather extinct.

Contact Address (link)
E-Mail flammie@iki.fi (personal email / no work stuff)
IRC Flammie on Freenode
  Web IRC on Freenode
AIM Flammie in AOL instant Messenger
ICQ UIN 27204357
MSN RingchaserFlammie@msn.com
Mail Eichholz …
  D-20459 Hamburg
Linkedin (Professional) tommi-pirinen
Google+ (Professional / Personal; allows different circles) ffflammie
Facebook (Personal; mostly mundane ranting) ffflammie
Vkontakte ffflammie
Telephone none


I’ve been trying to organize my time with following google calendar (note that it contains both calendar markings from my phone (red?) as well as all Facebook invites (green?), the green ones are not necessarily accurate)